November 6, 2021 marks the return of the SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest following a crazy year.  We are very excited to bring all new workshops and presentations with a cast of incredible clinicians, artists, and lots of singing! Our 2021 schedule is currently being confirmed, so check back soon for our full schedule of events. 

And the night before:

Featured performer & noted jazz vocalist Alexis Cole will present an evening concert at the Muse on Friday, Nov. 5th to kick off the 2021 SONGBIRD VOCAL JAZZ FEST!  

All registered participants for the Nov. 6th festival will receive a 10% discount on tickets for the Nov. 5th concert. Purchase concert tickets at

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - 2021 Festival


8:00 am - Registration & Gathering (coffee provided

8:30 am - Vocal Warmups with Tom Weiser

9:00 am -  Revisiting Basic Vocal Techniques with Linda Llewellyn

10:00 am - Facing Your Stage Fright with Amy Biondo

11:00 am - Singing in Different Rhythms with Greg Tanner Harris

12:00 - 1:00 pm - Lunch Break (on your own.....many restaurants close by)

1:00 pm - Get That Gorgeous Tone! Master Class with Alexis Cole 

3:00 pm- workshop TBD

4:00 pm - workshop TBD

5:00 - 6:30 pm - Showcase Rehearsal with the SBJF Rhythm Trio

6:30 pm - Dinner Break  (on your own....many restaurants close by)

7:30 pm - Vocalist Showcase! To conclude the day's events, all-day festival participants (and a few special guests) will perform in an evening showcase, accompanied by the SongBird Jazz Festival Rhythm Trio. Each singer will present two songs for a live audience, so invite your friends and fans!

 > See detailed descriptions of workshops below. <

Due to limited space for workshops, showcase audience, and other festival events, early registration is strongly suggested.  *SBJF schedule is subject to instructor changes 'til Sept. 1, 2021.


Vocal Warmups:  We will start our day of singing off on the right foot (or voice!).  This group vocal activity will be led by professional jazz singer Tom Weiser. Call and response, stretching, and loosening up those vocal chords.

Resonate! Recharge Your Vocal Technique:  When we’ve been singing for a while, good technique can fall by the wayside among all the details of gigging. Don’t let that happen! Good habits with breath, enunciation, support and posture release your natural resonance and eliminate the obstacles of fatigue, pitch problems, and strain on high & low notes. Give yourself a gift - reconnect with your technique and recharge your voice. (And bring all your secret singing questions!)  

Facing Your Stage Fright: Do you love to sing but struggle with stage fright and anxiety when you perform? Are you sick and tired of letting the voice of your inner critic run the show? In this workshop you will identify and let go of the mental and emotional obstacles that are holding you back from being your best self on stage. You'll also learn easy, actionable tools to calm the nervous system and counteract the physical effects of stage fright and performance anxiety so that you can find radiant confidence, ease, and joy in sharing YOUR authentic voice!

Singing Comfortably in Different Rhythms: Sing easily in swing, double-time feel, bossa nova and samba, and unusual meters. Taught by Greg Tanner Harris.

Get That Gorgeous Tone! Master Class with Alexis Cole: Create a rich, warm, GORGEOUS tone. RELEASE tension in your throat and voice. CALM your central nervous system. STRENGTHEN and PROTECT your instrument. Using Alexis Cole’s techniques, this master class for vocalists will work with extending the chest voice a few notes higher and getting that overall deliciously warm tone quality in our singing.


Showcase Rehearsal: Our wonderful rhythm section (piano, bass, & drums) will be available to rehearse with the all-day participants who wish to perform in the evening showcase. Sign up for your designated time slots to sing. Each singer may present two songs of their choice; please bring 3 copies of each tune for the musicians.

Vocalist Showcase: Our festival day concludes with a showcase concert featuring all-day festival attendees who wish to perform, accompanied by our SBJF professional rhythm section. This performance will be held at the Muse Performance Space; audience tickets can be purchased at  Snacks plus beverages (sparkling water, wine and beer) will be available for  purchase at the showcase soncert.  All ages are welcome to attend.