Please note this special concert the evening before:

Featured clinician & noted jazz vocalist Miles Griffith will appear in concert in KUVO's Masterpiece Studio, Friday Nov. 04 @ 7pm, 
to kick off the 2022 SONGBIRD VOCAL JAZZ FEST!   $25 cover

Tickets for this concert are available via Eventbrite.

2022 SONGBIRD FESTIVAL Schedule of Events:

 ALL EVENTS on Saturday, November 5 in the Buell Media Center (KUVO Studios), 2101 ARAPAHOE, in DENVER. 

8:30 am - Registration, Meet & Greet LOCATION: KUVO Lobby (coffee & tea available)  

9:00 am - Vocal Warmups LOCATION: TBA

9:30 am - Playing Around with Loops! with Tom Weiser  Are you interested in developing your musicianship? In this workshop we'll use a looper to create a capella arrangements that will support our exploration of aspects of musicianship. We'll explore tightening up time and tuning, and we'll explore loosening up phrasing and stylistic interpretation. The aspects we'll focus on will be determined by the interests of the participants. This is a participatory workshop, so come ready to sing! No familiarity with looping is necessary. LOCATION : Bonfills-Stanton Studio

9:30 am - Crafting Your Pre-Performance Routine with Amy Biondo Did you know that one of the best ways to avoid stage fright and perform at your very best is to have a pre-performance routine? In this workshop you will learn what a pre-performance routine is, why it's important, and what its components are, Then you will create your own personalized pre-performance routine to maximize your strengths and support your unique needs. When this routine becomes a habit, you'll be amazed at how relaxed and prepared you will feel before each performance!  LOCATION: Masterpiece Performance Studio

10:00 am - SQUEEBLIN! Jazz for Kids with Jeff & Terri Jo Jenkins *separate fee for this kids-only session*  For our young jazz enthusiasts, ages 6 to 11. Professional jazz musicians will teach the basic ingredients of jazz with the focus being on FUN! Kids will be led through self-expression in singing, improvising, and rhythm by a cast of characters from Jeff's original Squeeblin! musical. NOTE: We ask parents or guardians to stay onsite during this session. Coffee & refreshments will be available. Register here. LOCATION: KUVO Lobby

10:45 am - Vocal Health & Longevity with Katie Emerich  This workshop is an inside look at the anatomy and physiology of our vocal mechanisms (the throat, vocal cords, larynx, tongue, etc.), and includes information on the common vocal issues that impact singers. You'll also learn ways to optimize vocal health and wellness, as well as exercises to keep the voice feeling and sounding great throughout the ages. LOCATION : Masterpiece Performance Studio

10:45 am - Soundcheck Practices for Singers with Kevin Lee  Ever get to a gig and not know what to ask the sound person? Wonder how you can really judge sound levels and balance when it's just you onstage? This workshop will show you how to  work with professional (& not-so-professional) sound engineers. Lee will delve into best practices for helping singers communicate with sound engineers in order to have a great gig. This will include getting what YOU need from the monitors & how to have a quick, effective soundcheck. LOCATION: Bonfills-Stanton Studio

11:45 - Lunch Break (on your own...many restaurants close by)

1:00 pm - VOCALNOMICS Master Class with Miles Griffith A brand new series of vocal jazz techniques created by master singer/educator Griffith. His "Vocalnomics" provide additional skills and tools to jazz vocalists at all levels. Some of the techniques include using the seven vowels, scatting consonants in tandem with vowels, and singing ALL musical intervals within an octave. Participants will also study a variety of scales, including major, minor, whole tone and the blues. The Vocalnomics Jazz Master Class will finish by examining/exploring the 12 bar-blues song form and the 32-bar song form, as well some original music. LOCATION: Masterpiece Performance Studio

2:45 pm- Singing in Different Rhythms with Greg Tanner Harris  Greg's workshop will focus on polyrhythmic concepts, how to approach singing and counting off tunes in a variety of ethnic styles, tradition and innovation with jazz standards, all in a hands-on, fun approach! We will use instruments from around the world, movement, dance, and even perhaps some beat-boxing to get our bodies in-tune with our music. Learn how the 12/8 African time feel is directly related to Swing. Learn how the clave time-line relates to melody. Learn how important it is to know different styles of Latin music. Most of all, let's have some fun moving and grooving! LOCATION : KUVO Lobby

2:45 pm- New to Jam Sessions? What You Need to Know with Jeff Jenkins  Work with a professional on how you can quickly and efficiently communicate song style, tempo, etc., and learn how to count in the band before you sit in. Signup is *required* for this session; signup sheet at door. Bring 3 copies of one song in chart/lead sheet form. LOCATION: Bonfils-Stanton Studio

4:00 pm - Networking Hang chat & connect with your fellow festival attendees and the clinicians LOCATION: KUVO Lobby

5:00 pm - Dinner Break (on your own....many restaurants close by)

7:30 pm - Final Showcase & Jam Our festival day concludes with an all-ages showcase concert & jazz jame featuring all festival attendees who wish to perform, accompanied by the SBJF Rhythm Trio. For the audience, snacks and beverages (sparkling water, wine, and beer) will be available for purchase at the showcase venue.  LOCATION: Masterpiece Performance Studio

Due to limited space for workshops, showcase audience, and other festival events, early registration is strongly suggested.  

All events at the 2022 SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest will be held at KUVO studios in the Buell Media Center in downtown Denver.

All events at the 2022 SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest will be held at KUVO studios in the Buell Media Center in downtown Denver.