The 2019 SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest is an all-day event for jazz singers and instrumentalists who work with jazz singers, focusing on the art and business of vocal jazz performance. 


>>>>>>> The 2019 SongBird Jazz Fest was a wonderful success!  The feedback from those who attended was positive and encouraging so look for us to be back in fall 2020 with the

3rd Annual SongBird Jazz Fest!  

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2019 SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest date announced !   Hold the date!! 

November 2, 2019 at The Muse in Lafayette, CO.  Here is a hint of some of the workshops we are planning.... "Jazz Theory for Singers, Finding the Sweet Notes", "How to Participate & Enjoy Jazz Jam Sessions", "Beginnings & Endings of Your Songs",  Panel Discussions,  Singer Showcase, and more! 


THANK YOU!!!!!!!! We are so grateful to the Boulder County Arts Alliance for awarding us a grant to help with operating expenses for the 2019 SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest!  Please visit the Boulder County Arts Alliance website at

Latest News

The 2018 SongBird Jazz Fest was a smashing success!  We are looking forward to the second annual Jazz Fest Nov. 2, 2019.  2019 REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON JULY 15, 2019.  We invite you to check back often as more information regarding classes / workshops and instructors is confirmed.   We hope to see you at the 2019 SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest! 


Festival Advisory Board

The SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest is overseen by an advisory board of Colorado men and women who have an abiding interest in providing this educational and artistic event. For additional information on the festival board, please email board director Terri Jo Jenkins at

2019 SongBird Vocal Jazz Fest Advisory Board Members:

Terri Jo Jenkins (Director)

Susan Gatschet

Frank Nichols

Jane Uitti

Janine Gastineau

John Bertram

Candace LeGault

Wendy Fopeano



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